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Hook, Line, & Slippah:  Scott Hawaii's Favorite Fish

Hook, Line, & Slippah: Scott Hawaii's Favorite Fish


Fishing & Scott Hawaii

Fishing in Hawaii is more than just a hobby. It's  a deeply rooted part of our culture. Throughout time, fish have acted as a critical food source for all those who have inhabited the Islands of Hawaii.
We pay homage to our favorite fish with strap designs on our best boat deck ready slippers.

Hawaiian Fishing with Flip FLop Sandals

Fish Of Hawaii

Ono Wahoo Fish Hawaii Sandal Flip Flop
Featured on The Hokulea are some of Hawaii's most popular fish. 
In the design above we have the Wahoo or Ono, which literally translates to 'good to eat'. Wahoo is an excellent source of healthy, extra lean protein. On top of all that, they are still being fished sustainably so there is plenty to go round.

On the Kaikane, you'll find the Mahi-mahi print.
Mahi-mahi means "strong-strong", and for good reason. This fish is a fighter! If you got what it takes to reel one in, you'll be rewarded with delicious white meat perfect for fish tacos.
Scott Hawaii Ahi Print SlipperAnother of our favorite fish featured on the Kaikane is the Ahi.
Also known as the Yellowfin Tuna, this fish can range from 
3 to well over 200 pounds! Caught year-round in Hawaii’s waters, the Ahi is delicious as tuna steaks or in a fresh Poke bowl.
Mahi Mahi Fishing Hawaii

The State Fish

You might not see this next fish on the grill anytime soon.
However, our fish-list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the State Fish of Hawaii, the Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa, which means Triggerfish with a snout like a pig.
The wildly long name is not this fish's only unique characteristic. The Humuhumu (for short) has a secondary dorsal spine which it uses to "lock" itself into place under shelter to protect itself from being pulled out by predators. 
It also blows jets of waters through the sand searching for small invertebrates as a food source. It's not uncommon to see one spitting sand all over the seabed as it sifts it through for tiny morsels of nourishment.

Humuhumu Hawaiian Fish

Kama'aina tradition.

As you can tell, we love and hold dear the beautiful waters around our islands. One of the best ways to experience is by getting out on the boat with some buddies and dropping a few lines in. 
We put that same love into our slippers. Non slip, non marking soles and waterproof comfortable straps help ensure a great day on the water.

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