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The Scott Hawaii History

It all started with a trip to Hawaii...
1932 Scott Family Opens New Shoe Factory in Honolulu

May 1932

New Shoe Factory in Honolulu

We came to Hawaii for vacation and stayed. Elmer and Jean Scott from LA-based shoe manufacturer ship 28 tons of machinery to Honolulu to open a shoe factory.

August 1932

A Step Forward

We partnered with the Ala Moana Opportunity school to provide work for the students, opening up new opportunities for providing industrial employment for our youth.

April 1936

Women Styles are Coming

Elmer Scott announced the recently developed line of women’s shoes we hoped to introduce shortly in Honolulu.


The "Scotties" Era

World War II led to supply shortages, forcing us to switch over exclusively to making slippers and “Scotties” sandals, instead of heavy shoes.

1950 - 1955

Cooke to Yorktown to Kona

We moved to the Honolulu airport area for five years, which housed a complete factory, offering made-to-order services. In 1955, we moved to our current location on Kona St, featuring a special retail shoe display and salesroom.

October 1968

Fashion from Head to Toe

Daughter Joan extended the Scott family affair with fashion by designing a small, charming line of sportswear under the label Princess Kauilani.

August 1999

‘Baywatching’ Hawaii

Scott supplied the Baywatch men with “off the rack” thongs and women with customized red and yellow, higher heeled thongs. These slippers were made available to the public in September.

March 2008

75th Anniversary

We celebrated our 75th anniversary with some new designs and events, including a signing by Big Island-based artist Mike Field.

June 2022

90 Years in Biz

Nothing worth doing is ever easy and despite wars, recessions and fierce competition we still made it and couldn't have done it without you! MAHALO for the support.