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Nahe Nahe - Added Comfort to a Favorite


Building off the success of our #1 selling Makaha we replaced our standard link insole with a yoga mat inspired insole.  We're not looking to reinvent the wheel with the newest addition to our men's assortment, but we did we did give it a new feel for something a little softer under your feet.

Nylon strap with anti-chafe neoprene lining provides instant comfort

Avoid the dreaded sandal strap burn. Wetsuit style neoprene lining is soft next to skin and ensures a comfy fit well after the sun goes down.

Yoga mat inspired insole

No, it's not yoga mat material but it does have that "squish" to it.  

Scott's signature deck sole features arch support and heel cup

Anatomically designed to contour to your foot shape and provide sneaker level support in your favorite beachside slippers. Our nonslip, nonmarking outsole is built for those long days on your feet.